We need to find our own answers to certain questions. It is the only way to work, sometimes. Because there are no universal answers to some questions.
So stop asking or looking for advice about your dilemmas. You should first look for all sides of the story. Try to gather all the knowledge about your doubts. It’s very probable someone else ran into this kind of situation way before you. Let’s hope for that.

A rational mind can and will be capable to see an object from many points of view, not only one. An intelligent person will try to look beyond himself/herself. There is life further from your own little circle. And I personally believe that thinking both about you and how others will perceive your actions is the best solution in seeing those ramifications I was talking about. The different angles.

How is that good for you? How will others see that? What is more important to you? There are times to be empathetic, exactly the same way there are times when it’s best to fight for yourself. So, three important words: context, context, context. There is not such thing as an universal good, just like there is no universal bad.

Contextualize, get the details. They always matter. The best proof of this is people themselves. Their mistakes are often caused by ignoring details. They „don’t have the time” for such small things as details. But actually, details, on the long term, could save you lots of time.



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