Sweetest flower

I am the sweetest flower you could pick from this garden. I’ll smell the most beautiful, I’ll wrap my petals around your soul, enslaving you with my beauty. You’ll absorb this magic, you will forget about time and space, because those are just old fashioned borders. Don’t be afraid to fall into the sleep that will happen from my poisonous dust. I promise to take care of you. I promise.

Just trust my voice…my fading, ghostly voice.

Let yourself hypnotized.

Fall asleep.

You are tired. You deserve it. Here, take my arms. Gently put your head on my thighs and listen to the ticking of the clock. Feel its infinity, let yourself caressed by my hair. Breathe the red hot air between us. Let the steam warm your tired skin. Let yourself go. There’s only trust and safety here. You can let your worries aside. Be weak, be strong, be whoever you feel comfortable to be.

Let me be the one you cleanse your soul with.

Have some red wine with me. Let us finish the bottle. And then, who knows…


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